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- Detox Massage-

Total Relax Massage Session

120 min $780 ( Value $1580)

30 min Tension-easing Meridian Detox Massage

45 min Knot Relief Deep Tissue Massage

45 min Aromatherapy Massage

Followed by a detoxifying herbal tea

$400 (Value $880)

Followed by a detoxifying herbal tea

30 min Deep Tissue Back and Shoulder Massage

30 min Aromatherapy Massage

90 Min Weekdays Happy Hours

Special 12-5PM $600 (Value $980)

45 min Tension-easing Meridian Detox Massage

45 min Aromatherapy Massage

Followed by a detoxifying herbal tea

Detox Massage Eliminate Toxins


Detox massages are an excellent way to help your body get rid of the toxins and pollutants that build up during every day of our lives. As well as being relaxing, this massage technique can improve your health and restore your sense of wellbeing.


Your Natural Detoxification


The lymphatic system in the body consists of organs, connective tissue, lymph vessels and lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are responsible for filtering foreign substances and microorganisms from the body, and stopping harmful bacteria from getting into the blood stream. The lymphatic system is also an integral part of the body’s overall immune system.


By stimulating the lymphatic system during a detox massage, you are enabling the body to eliminate excess fluid build-up, expel harmful bacteria and flush out waste products that have built up from the metabolic processes. Stimulation in the form of gentle massage will actually promote the detox process, which in turn will benefit the immune system and facilitate the healing process.


The lymphatic system also has the ability, when stimulated during a detoxification massage, to promote the regeneration of cells and increase the flow of fluids in and around the connective tissue which will kick start the detox process.


The benefits of detox massage include:

-Aids in the detox process for sufferers of allergies, arthritis and any skin related health conditions.

-Excellent for the promotion of fluid flow and relief of fluid retention noticeable in puffy eyes, swollen legs and ankles.

-Deep relaxation relief

-Assists in the healing of connective tissue injuries, sprains and ligaments that are torn.

-Assists in the healing process in relation to scar tissue.

-Promotes healing after operations 


Deep Cleansing Treatment 


The detox massage is a technique that was introduced in the 1930s, by a team consisting of a massage therapist and a doctor. David Goddard, a professional lymph drainage massage specialist and medical professional stated, “The lymphatic system has a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system, which protects the body against infection. It transports nutrients to cells and eliminates metabolic wastes, toxins and excess fluids from the body. Manual lymphatic drainage is also a very effective way of detoxing the body plus stimulating vital immune defences. This is a powerful, deep cleansing treatment.”

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