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- Dr. Rainbow -

Dr.Rainbow nano far-infrared is the type of energy most beneficial to  humans, as it can be quickly absorbed by the body. It causes vibration of atoms and elements in the body, and through resonance, creates a thermal reaction promising subcutaneous temperature  increase and microvascular expansion,  promoting blood circulation, and discharge static blood, moisture, toxins , fat and other barriers to metabolism, directly through the sweat. Cells will be reacti- vated, contributing to in vivo enzyme production. Irradiation for 30 minutes a day will revive your bodily functions, to keep your body young and vibrant.

30min--- provides you---beauty and health effects

The Korean Dr. Rainbow cell activation energy health instrument has been approved by the Korean KFDA for treatment. It features patented nano-titanium and carbon fiber membrane technology, capable of producing pure far infrared thermal energy to a depth of 5cm into the body,incomparably better than the usual surface- warming far infrared devices.

  • Treatment for cold constitution 

  • Qi and blood circulation 

  • Detoxification

  • Prevention of high blood sugar

  • Lipids and cholesterol 

  • Burns fat 

  • Activates cells Enhances self-  healing capabilities 

  • Stops joint pain

  • Improves flexibility

  • Improves sleep Eliminates stress

  • Refines skin 

  • Anti-aging

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