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- Pregnancy Beauty-

To celebrate the new coming baby with sharing of joyful after baby delivery, it’s time to brings with challenge of weight gain, fatigue and hormonal fluctuations. Our treatments are designed for before and after pregnancy by using our techniques of traditional body massage, abdominal binding, lymph drainage, scar massage and natural remedies which helps to prepare a healthy body during the pregnancy and the recovery period.

PRODUCTS – Pure Essential Oils

To provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation, we have selected a safe blend certified organic essential oils which are imported from France that can aid in the circulation and detoxification process and also it’s safe for breastfeeding mum.


We are focus on different techniques treatments that can help in the reduction of fat and cellulite, the most popular treatments are :

  • Abdominal binding​

To speed up the recover process especially after abdominal surgery. Most effective way of using an abdominal binder which is a wide compression belt that encircles the abdomen with many sizes and widths to connect by hook and loop closures.

  • Relaxation Body Massage

Provide a gentle massaging technique to remove pain for the upper and lower back, upper shoulders, neck and pelvic area. We provide an 75 mins signature relaxation and body restoration delivered by our experienced Therapists.

  • Lymph Massage

Our well known manual technique for assisting lymph flow and aiding the drainage of tissues under the condition such as acne, congestive conditions, and pre and post-operative procedures, scarring and cellulite. 

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