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Theranova helps effectively manage fat and cellulite by using heat (thermal therapy) and suction with vacuum action. Theranova helps promote metabolism, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, eliminating dead cells, and regenerate muscular function, which helps form beautiful body line.

​Endermologie + Thermotherapy

LILYMEDISPA-theranova-s-care-P1 -eng-鬼妹-


Endermologie + Thermotherapy

Innovative Thermal Energy

Increase normal body temperature by applying heat directly and improving blood circulation 

Strong vibration

Relieve stiff abdomen and muscle, revitalize elimination

Trial HKD $388


- Care before and after liposuction

- Body line care and fat control

- Lymphatic circulation

- Improve blood circulation

- Relieve pain

- Help maintain normal body temperture

LILYMEDISPA-theranova-s-care-P2 -eng-鬼妹-
LILYMEDISPA-theranova-s-care-P2 -eng-鬼妹-
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